Great Tasting Gluten Free Cakes

Welcome! Welcome to a little part of the internet which is all about free from! I am excited to tell you my story about my free from journey and how NM Cakes came to be.

Have a look at the About page for the full story and the Gallery for the deliciously allergy safe cakes I’ve made so far.

Whether you are a veteran free fromer with a list of allergies and intolerances you are having to avoid everyday, a newly diagnosed free fromer, or just interested in a gluten free, dairy free, egg free or grain free diet; we are here to make you a cake you can eat.

I don’t use ‘conventional’ ingredients but that does not mean I compromises on taste. The cakes are moist, light and scrumptious and what’s even better, you can eat the whole thing! I’m getting excited just thinking about all the cakes I could create for you!

I only make free from cakes which are gluten, wheat and nut free. Whether you have anaphylaxis, coeliac disease, an allergy or intolerance to 1 or more of the 8 main allergens or others, a cake can be made for you.

Your food safety is incredibly important. My kitchen is gluten, wheat and nut free. There are no food stuffs containing any of these allergens in our kitchen, nor are they allowed in our kitchen. For dairy free and egg free cakes and icings I have completely separate utensils which never handle dairy or egg. I make sure the possibility of cross contamination is reduced to the absolute minimum.


Cakes, baking and cooking free from food is my passion and my lifestyle. Let me create something wonderful for your celebration, for your friend, your husband or wife, or you son or daughter!

Please get in touch with me asap to book in your cake. I don’t want my diary to get too busy without your cake in it!  You can find my contact details on the Contact page, or use the box to the right.

Speak soon,